June 23, 2024
Wade Joye is a preacher, speaker, coach, and author from the United States. He hosts the podcast "Dreamers and the Disciples" and used to be a worship leader at Elevation.

Wade Joye is a preacher, speaker, coach, and author from the United States. He hosts the podcast “Dreamers and the Disciples” and used to be a worship leader at Elevation.


Pastor Wade Joye is originally from Columbia, USA. In 2007, he moved to Charlotte with the purpose of helping build Elevation Worship, even though he didn’t know anyone in the city. At the beginning, he had to ask friends from Columbia to come and join so that they would have a full team. As the church grew quickly, more people joined the ministry.

Wade initially thought that fulfillment in worship ministry meant chasing dreams of leading songs, writing music, and being on albums. However, he later realized that these things weren’t the true measures of success or fulfillment in ministry. He learned from Pastor Steven at Elevation that mature ministry is being more excited about what God does through others than what He does through oneself.


Wade was born on May 19th 1976. He is currently 46 years old.

Family Life

Pastor Wade is married to his wife, Ferris. They have three lovely daughters: Adleigh and Liana, who are 13-year-old twins, and Sydney, who is nine years old.


For almost 15 years, Pastor Wade served as the worship pastor at Elevation Church, which is also the home of Elevation Worship. He started when Elevation Church had two campuses meeting in high schools. Under his guidance, Elevation Worship released songs and albums, expanding globally with 20 campuses.

At the end of 2021, Wade entered a new phase of ministry, traveling across the nation to speak and mentor other ministry leaders. He has a passion for helping people establish and maintain regular spiritual routines and disciplines for a healthy heart and soul.

Wade played a role in writing some of Elevation Worship’s earlier songs, like “O Come To The Altar” and “Resurrecting.” He led teams for the weekend worship experience, managed service programming, and mentored college pastors on stage hosting and preaching. Wade was also part of Elevation’s general leadership team, regularly delivering sermons on the main stage.

Beyond this, Wade led the record label and touring teams. Alongside fostering a worship culture across all Elevation locations, he played a crucial role in developing systems that allowed Elevation Worship music to reach a global audience.

Net Worth

Wade Joye net worth is not known.

Social Media

You can find Wade Joye on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Wade Joye
  2. Instagram: @wadejoye

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