July 25, 2024
Brad Hambrick works as the Counseling Pastor at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. Additionally, he is an Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar.

Brad Hambrick works as the Counseling Pastor at The Summit Church in Durham, NC. Additionally, he is an Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminar. Brad is also a council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. Moreover, he served as the general editor for the Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused project at churchcares.com.

Early Life

We don’t have much information about Brad Hambrick’s background, but he grew up in a small farming community in western Kentucky near the Mississippi River. He has a younger brother, and he became a Christian at the age of 9. Brad says, “Even though I didn’t fully grasp everything, I knew I was a sinner and needed Jesus. The basic truths of the gospel were sufficient to transform my heart and steer my life in a new direction.”


After finishing high school, Brad Hambrick took his first step into ministry by attending Union University. During that period, he worked as a Middle School Youth Director and Director of Urban Outreach at Calvary Baptist Church.

Brad Hambrick Wife

Brad Hambrick is married to Sallie Hambrick. They met during his last year at Union University. After that, Sallie and Brad moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina, to attend Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). It was at SEBTS where Brad earned an M.Div in Biblical Counseling and a Th.M. in applied theology. The couple has been blessed with two sons.


Brad and his wife left SEBTS for Crossroads Counseling in Augusta, Georgia. In January 2011, they returned to Raleigh-Durham, NC, where Brad took on the role of Pastor of Counseling at The Summit Church. He also served as the Instructor of Biblical Counseling at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In 2012, Bridgehaven Counseling Associates was launched. This para-church ministry was established to broaden the range of support for members of The Summit Church and the community.

Brad Hambrick Books

Brad Hambrick has written several books primarily focused on counseling, psychology, and Christian ministry. Some of his notable works include:

  1. “God’s Attributes: Rest for Life’s Struggles” (2018):
  • This book delves into the attributes of God, showing how understanding them can bring peace and comfort in the midst of life’s challenges.
  1. “False Love: Overcoming Sexual Sin from Pornography to Adultery” (2018):
  • Addressing the struggle with sexual sin, this book provides a biblical perspective on overcoming issues like pornography and adultery.
  1. “Do Ask, Do Tell, Let’s Talk: Why and How Christians Should Have Gay Friends” (2016):
  • Brad Hambrick discusses building relationships with LGBTQ+ individuals from a Christian perspective, emphasizing the importance of understanding and dialogue.
  1. “Self-Centered Spouse: Help for Chronically Broken Marriages” (2018):
  • Focused on marriages facing chronic challenges, this book offers guidance on navigating difficulties and working towards healing and restoration.
  1. “Grief: Walking with Jesus” (2017):
  • Providing a Christian perspective on grief, this book offers insights on how faith can be a source of comfort during times of loss.
  1. “Depression: The Sun Always Rises” (2013):
  • Addressing the complex issue of depression from a Christian perspective, this book provides practical insights and encouragement for those facing this struggle.
  1. “Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage: Communication” (2014):
  • As part of the “Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage” series, co-authored with his wife, this book teaches couples effective communication skills rooted in biblical principles.

Brad Hambrick Forgiveness

There are a lot of resources on forgiveness authored by Brad. Some of which includes:

  1. God’s Forgiveness to Us: Unconditional?
  2. “Forgive and Forget” and an Omniscient God
  3. The Uncomfortable Reality: Forgiveness Is Never Deserved
  4. Can Boundaries and Forgiveness Co-Exist?
  5. Trust as a Proportional Virtue
  6. Identifying Wise Trust on a Spectrum
  7. Forgiveness and Manipulative Repentance
  8. Crisis and Post-Crisis Forgiveness
  9. Remembering Well after Forgiveness

Brad Hambrick Podcasts

Brad hosts several podcasts. One set is from the Creating a Gospel-Centered Marriage (GCM) seminar series. This series helps with pre-marital or marriage mentoring at churches. Another set, from the G4 seminars, focuses on emotional struggles like anger, anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma. There’s also a set on addiction struggles, covering issues like substance abuse, codependency, and problems related to pornography, sexual addiction, and infidelity. Brad’s counseling resources podcasts cover educational topics in counseling.

Brad Hambrick Net Worth

We don’t know how much money Brad has. Details about his earnings are not shared with the public.

Social Media

You can find Brad Hambrick on the following social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Brad Hambrick
  2. X: Brad Hambrick
  3. Youtube: Brad Hambrick
  4. Instagram: Brad Hambrick

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