Resumption: UNIOSUN Releases Academic Calendar For 2020/2021 Session


January, 2021

Monday, 4th January              Opening of e-Portal for registration and 

                                                Payment of fees for returning students

Monday, 4th January               Resumption for Harmattan 2020/2021 /Commencement of lectures for returning students

Monday, 25th January             Resumption/Registration for Fresh Students 

Thursday, 28th January           Senate

February, 2021

Monday, 1st February             Commencement of Harmattan 2020/2021 lectures for fresh students

Friday, 5th February                Closing of e-Portal for returning students

Monday, 8th February             Orientation for Fresh Students

Thursday, 25th February         Senate

Friday, 26th February              Closing of e-Portal for fresh students


March, 2021

Wednesday, 10th March                Matriculation of Fresh Students

Friday, 26th March                         End of lectures (300 – 500 level) 

Monday, 29th –Friday, 2nd April    Lecture Free Week (300 -500 level)

Thursday, 25th March                    Senate

April, 2021

Wednesday, 7th April – Tuesday, 20th April Harmattan Semester Examinations for 300 – 500 levels

Wednesday, 21st April – Friday 30th April         Harmattan Semester Break (300-500 level)

Friday, 23rd April                                                End of lectures (100 – 200 level)

Monday, 26th April – Friday, 30th April               Lecture free week 100 – 200 Levels   

Wednesday, 21st April – Wednesday 5th May Markings of Examination Scripts

Monday, 26th April – Friday, 7th May                 Harmattan  Semester Examinations (100 – 200 level)

Thursday, 29th April                                            Senate

May, 2021

Monday, 10th May – Friday, 14th May               Harmattan Semester GNS Examination for all levels

Monday, 17th May                                             Resumption/Opening of Portals for Registration and Commencement of Lectures for Rain                                                                                   Semester for all levels 

Thursday, 27th May                                          Senate


June, 2021

Thursday, 24th June                                         Senate


July, 2021

Friday, 2nd July  Late Registration with Penalty 

Friday, 23rd July End of Lectures for all Levels 

Monday, 26th July – Friday 30th July              Lecture Free Week

Thursday, 29th July          Senate


August, 2021

Monday, 2nd August – Friday, 20th August                Rain Semester Examination

Monday, 16th August  – Friday, 20th August              GNS Examination

Friday, 20th August                                                     End of Rain Semester Examinations

Monday, 23rd August                                                  Rain Semester Break

Monday, 23rd August – Friday, 10th September         Marking of Examination Scripts

Thursday, 26th August                                                Senate


September, 2021

Thursday, 9th September                                           Senate

Friday, 10th September                                              End of 2019/2020 Session / Commencement of Annual Leave of Academic Staff

Thursday, 30th September                                         Senate

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